- Explanatory notes -

:: Site Name ::

The site is named for the practice of Chinese hermits who spread grass on a rock for a meditation seat. It doesn't sound comfortable, but even a modern kapok-filled zafu can feel somewhat rock-like a few days into sesshin.

:: Personal Note ::

I've been a practising Buddhist for forty years, but I'm no Zen teacher. I have no special insight. The thoughts expressed on this site are simply my own personal views.

I received lay ordination in 1978 from Rev. Master Jiyu-Kennett (pictured above) at Shasta Abbey, California.

In June 2018 I renewed my vows, receiving bodhisattva ordination from Maitre Guy Mokuho Mercier (pictured below) at an International Zen Association retreat in Crosby, Liverpool.

As the content of the site demonstrates, I do have interests besides Soto Zen, but it's a very important part of my life and lifestyle.

:: Technical Note ::

I've developed Drupal, Wordpress & X-Cart websites. A minimalist at heart (formative years in a caravan), I prefer lightweight technology for personal use. This site uses PHP, a small database and Markdown. If you have a problem viewing it, email me and I'll see what can be done. Please provide information about your device, browser and operating system.

Re: 2009/136/EC Cookie Law - This site does not employ cookies.