- Birdsong -

:: Posted :: 2017-06

It's been a joy to cycle the 6km to our nearest big supermarket along an old railway track and be serenaded, en route, by an assortment of birds - among them nightingales, goldfinches and coal tits. Until one landed directly above me and sang while I was recording, I hadn't realised how distinctive and beautiful the Coal Tit's song is. It's around the fourth minute in the second recording below.

On the whole, the birds are invisible. Nightingales, in particular, prefer to be buried in the shrubbery and the rare glimpses you do get are of a rather nondescript brown bird. I suppose you can't have the best song and a glossy coat to go with it.

The recordings aren't technically sophisticated - just the audio components of videos taken with an iPad. The second is sparser & quieter than the first. However, if you can turn up the volume and ignore the occasional passing car and the voices in the background, you can get an idea of what it's like to dawdle along the banks of the River Lirou on a sunny morning in May.

The recordings [ in mp3 format ] are royalty-free - by all means download them and use them as you will.

Picture credit: Vogelartinfo, Wikimedia

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