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:: Posted :: 2018-02

I've confessed before to being something of a minimalist, so it's probably not a surprise to discover that I have an almost pathological hatred of PowerPoint. It's software guaranteed to produce files five times as large as your email provider will let you send. 22 megabytes? That was no doubt why Dropbox launched its file-exchange service.

Everyone has a laptop or tablet with a browser these days, but unfortunately not every venue requiring a presentation on organic gardening has an Internet connection. Which means that Google Slides won't work - you can edit your presentation off-line, but not actually present it. How sensible is that?

Ah well. HTML's pretty good at showing things in the browser and Unix hackers have coded sophisticated programs to turn Markdown into HTML (pandoc) and later turn the slides into handouts (pdfjam). So all you really need to make a reasonable presentation is a text editor (preferably one with Markdown preview) & Apple's ludicrously-expensive Lightning-VGA adapter (£50) which means you can travel light and still connect to an LCD projector.

Of course, you'll probably still need a chauffeur to drive you and your buckets of compost to the venue, but at least he won't put his back out lugging around your 150kb presentation and 100kb handout files. Did you hear that, Microsoft?

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