- Snowy day -

:: Posted :: 2018-03

Snowy days bring out people's smiles. No-one passed me as I tramped into town without giving me a sheepish grin; as though to say, 'Neither of us should really be out in this weather at our age - but isn't it a laugh?'

But that's not the only gift the weather brought. Suddenly we have a garden full of fieldfares - driven on from the open fields and looking for food. The first two appeared at breakfast time, but they were soon very joined by others. By lunchtime, three waves of them arrived. There must have been eighty of them altogether. I counted more than two dozen in next door's pyracantha, stripping the berries. The photo above shows the bush with quite a number of berries, but now - six hours later - only one short fruit-bearing branch remains. The rest have been stripped bare.

Fieldfares are obviously happiest in a huddle. They're given to a bit of pushing & and shoving here and there, but in general they seem to get along. Maybe there are lessons here for humankind. 'All for one and one for.....' [Feel free to fill in the blank].

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